Off Topic: What was up with all the spam threads?

It has been a while since I have visited the DS community. I have to say I was turned off by the flood of spam on the forums the last couple times I was here. It looks to be under control now. Just curious what that was all about and if measures have been taken to prevent future spambots.

Chris K Leslie

Last I heard. The team there at DSales has taken some steps to help prevent all the spam posts. 

Maddy Low

Good question Sunny! We put a spam filter in place that puts all blog posts through the filter for the DS team to approve. That's why you sometimes get a "Whoops...something went wrong" message when you post a blog! It just means it's going through our spam filter. The filter gets smarter over time, so the team doesn't always have to approve blogs if you have been approved before! We're still getting some spam caught in the filter, unfortunately, but once we get it all blocked correctly, we'll remove the filter! Please let me know if you see any problems or have any concerns about this, I love getting feedback and making this site as great as possible! 

Jason Stum

Hey Maddy, what about the Forum posts? Other than users flagging it, is there anything else that can be done there? 

Maddy Low

Great question Jason! We haven't been getting very many of those so we're able to just manually remove them when we need to. Yes, if you see issues please flag them or feel free to email me and let me know (especially over a weekend!) I so appreciate all the hard work the DS community does to make it an awesome place, thank you!

Is anyone else having issue with notifications? Every time I log into DS and have notifications, when I click on them to see what they are it automatically deletes them and I never have a chance to see who replied, commented, etc.. ?

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