Off Topic: What was up with all the spam threads?

It has been a while since I have visited the DS community. I have to say I was turned off by the flood of spam on the forums the last couple times I was here. It looks to be under control now. Just curious what that was all about and if measures have been taken to prevent future spambots.

Maddy Low

Scott, I'm having this issue as well! We sent this over to our development team. They were creating a way for notifications to automatically clear once you had viewed them, and we somehow got them to clear before they're even looked at - LOL! We'll get it fixed as soon as we can! 

Haha... oops! Ask them to make a way for us to edit comments while they're at it.. I hate it when I have a typo and can't go into it and edit it out!! :-)

David Zotti

I wrote a long email when @Maddy sent the email out asking for feedback. Then I saw a new forum posting policy at the bottom of post submission. So I'm glad to see that. 

@Scott I'd like to see the ability to edit submissions as well.

Mark Rask

i know that ds is putting a lot of effort in to fixing this....I know that Maddy is all over it 

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