Old Dog, Same Tricks

Amanda Gordon

When on  a hunt for new candidates does your hiring process look more at experience or coachability? 

Tori Zinger

I vote for competency. If someone has the right competencies, you can pretty much train them as needed.

Derrick Woolfson

I agree w/ @tori as experience is not always a true perspective of his/her ability to work within your organization. However, all too often companies limit themselves to pre-selecting only those who have the "experience." 

Chris Murray

Competence is virtually impossible to gauge during interviews. I understand why it ranks above experience, I agree 100%! Coachability is the single most important trait.

Look at their resume' are they exhibiting a pattern of self improvement? This is a good sign. Also consider ask a very simple series of questions regarding the applicant using supervisory feedback that led to improved performance? What are their plans, personal plans, for the future? Do those plans include self improvement or growth?

Then, I am out on a limb here, ask them if they wouldn't mind a little wardrobe advice? If they say no blatantly criticize something to see if they defend it and if so how vehemently?

I am sharing some ideas that have worked well for me in the recent past. 

Chris Murray

The stronger their defense of their wardrobe the stronger their will not to be coached. They see advice as criticism.

R. J. James

Definitely Coachability.  Coined this phrase back in the 1990's..."If it's a matter of skill we can teach them, but if it's a matter of will we don't need them!" 

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