Online New Car Pricing- Are You Stacking Rebates?

Jeff Collins

Are you stacking rebates in order to make the price of your new vehicles seem more attractive or competitive? In the example below this dealer has chosen to stack the rebates because they feel it's necessary in order to stay competitive in a market where this is common place. It's the old excuse "That's what everyone else is doing". 

Is this effective? Does the tactic of stacking rebates sell more cars? In the 2nd example the dealer has clearly broken out the dealer discount as well as the universal rebates demonstrationg how they arrived at their online price. Also note that in the 2nd example the dealer has clearly displayed other "Conditional Offers" that are available. I want to hear your thoughts, frustrations and/or experiences with this type of New Car pricing.


Derrick Woolfson

I have never been a fan of doing this, so few people are *eligible* for it!  We did not do that at my last auto group, and I do not recommend anyone else to do this, the customer soon figures out what you are doing. I cannot tell you how many calls we got and had to explain to the customer what the pricing actually was. 

Mark Rask

We do stack the rebates that everyone qualifies for

Chris Travis

Most dealerships do it, I hate it but if you don't then they are going to the competitor who does and will probably buy because they got them in the door even if you explain to them on the phone before hand on why they won't get that price. 

My old ford dealership would get a handful of vouchers to use on customer's purchased for a few grand total. They'd toss that on too. Bad thing was getting leads from WAY out of area that sales reps/ BDC had to waste your time with because you are showing cheapest nationally on the website. Even though a guy from Arizona isn't coming in to see a vehicle in Indiana even though he thinks he'd save money flying out and driving back at first.

Patrick Halleen

We do not stack rebates. Our online Price is MSRP less customer cash. We used to price invoice less rebates but found when our customers are clicking "get E price" you have nowhere to go if you are at invoice. We switched 2 years ago and sales have not decreased a bit, and gross is up at both stores

Lynetta Jawck

I don't consider online pricing much effective as buyer's point of view. Most of the sites give an advantage to dealers and show retail prices instead of wholesale prices.  

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