Paid Time Off?

Derrick Woolfson

This seems to largely be uncommon in the auto industry. But do you get paid time off, if so how much? I think it is important for all employees to have a break. However, in many cases too (for those that are solely on commission) taking time off can be quite risky as you do not make any money for that month. 

Sherri Riggs

I can't speak to commission based roles... BUT PTO is one of the most important factors for me in accepting a job. I am a millennial... so typically, a Work-Life balance is a must. 

Paul Wieczorek

I am a millennial as well, as Sherri mentioned in her post.  I am also in a non-commission based role at our company - but it is a huge factor for me as well. I can only speak for our 4 dealerships but commission based employees traditionally get 2 weeks paid holiday. 

Derrick Woolfson

I am beyond excited that after 6 years this will be the first year that I have off on X-Mas Eve & NYE w/ paid holidays and 2 weeks vacation. I know it sounds simple, BUT it really makes a huge difference. Having time off for me is essential to "recharging" my batteries. 

Amanda Gordon

I am not a millennial and you still must pay me (at least when I wasn't writing my own checks). In the past I've worked for dealers who gave PTO and just averaged out the sales persons monthly earnings. They also took out $10 per car sold and matched it for your Christmas bonus. I can still remember that feeling of sheer bliss at the end of the year!

Brandin Wilkinson

Great topic Derrick!  For our commissioned team members, I give them full control over their time, they can come and go as they please, no set hours. We have one sales consultant that took his first full day off on Monday this week after being with us for a year.  And our Financial Services Manager only took one week off in the last year.  They aren't burnt out, in fact, they are thriving and so is the business because of those 2 in particular.  We also have some team members (salary) with 6 weeks paid holidays that only use 2 of them.  Just FYI, 90% of our team is paid off the bottom line.


I believe that if you have the culture right, with the right people, you'll create an environment where the team won't want to take as many vacations or time off.  Easier said than done, but speaking from experience, it is possible.  Culture starts at the top as you know but if the top isn't willing to adapt, then it starts with you.


We are a smaller dealer, only 18 people altogether so this would be more difficult to accomplish with a larger dealer I would assume. It's like Gary V says, if you live for the weekend, your shit is broken.  We don't want our team to live for the weekends or need an escape from work. When they do need time off, it's no argument from us, it's paid, and we find the productivity increases when they come back.

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