Photos on inventory

Avery Baum

How many photos do you take per used vehicle and per new vehicle? 

I have been told by one of our 3rd party listing sites that the more photos we have on a vehicle the more relevant we are in their searches, giving those vehicles more SRPs and VDPs. Any truth to this? 

Chris K Leslie

I dont think it does anything to search results but people love having more pics to look at. 

Morgan Hardy

I do think that having more photos helps. If not, the customers will call asking me for more photos. 

Victoria Dillabough

I think photos for sure help. Especially on 3rd part buying sites. The less photos often times they don't even show up. We do upwards of 25-30/vehicle

Brody Dezember

I agree, 25-30 should be the norm on used. The reason the 3rd party sites want more is because they look at how many people 1- View the vdp photos & 2 - Stay on a VDP.  The longer the visitor stays on the VDP the more relevant it is.

Bart Wilson

Anyone looking into 360-degree images?  It seems like a good way to show off the car.

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