Playing Favorites

Morgan Hardy

Have you run into issues where management seems to be playing favorites? Is this common and/or acceptable?

Jason Volny

@Derrick I think we call those extra deals "Spoons." I agree, spoons that are always going to your favorite salespeople will send the wrong message to the rest of the team and may have an adverse effect on the recipient. I would recommend running a spoon board. Any extra deal that comes in, goes to the top person on the board. Any time an employee gets a spoon, they go to the bottom of the list. 

Your managers may say "I don't want to spoon-feed my low performers"  This is where having a career path with multiple levels is important and can be used as a motivator. You can make a policy that only lever 3 or 4 salespeople qualify to be on a spoon board. Since you'll have spoons no matter what, this doesn't cost you anything extra, however, has huge motivational factors. 

Chris K Leslie

Jason, at one of our stores we have a policy like that. Only certain folks get spoons and it requires a bit of work to be in that position. 

Bart Wilson

There are definitely politics that occur in dealerships, but sometimes it's a case of which sales rep is capable to handle a customer. In most cases, spoons are family members or friends, and management wants to make sure they're handled correctly.

@jason is a big fan of using spoons as a reward for career advancement. I love the insight.

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