Power Outage

Chris K Leslie

There is a lot of wind right now in Vegas and our store just had our power go out for a couple of hours. I know a lot of you guys live and work in places that suffer from much worse weather than I get out here in Las Vegas. So I am curious how does your store operates when the power goes out? 

Do you ask everyone to wait? Do you just let people take a car and come back when you can do business?

Martins Ville

Mary concocted and strange but I'm actually a private investor with a company that is building a wind turbine that nobody has ever seen and that nobody knows about yet. The faster the wind blows the more energy it creates. Sounds like a weak infrastructure assembly to me.

Martins Ville

The company might be considered the Tesla of wind turbines of the future. And we're coming to your city, eventually. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, this is something we faced the other day! Our internet provider had issues, and was down for the entire day, including our phones. Everyone was panicked because 99% of what we do is, well - online! That said, it truly put things into perspective, and luckily our customers were willing to work with us. But that meant that all phone calls for our locations went to a cell-phone, and that was interesting. As a result of experiencing this issue, we have since been tasked with devising a plan of action if this were to occur again - so we can run as much of the processes as possible! 

Mark Rask

We dont have this happen often but when hurricanes come through we might go days without power .....in that case we will bring big gen sets in 

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