Purchasing a vehicle as an automotive professional

Recently we've been shopping for a specific truck and found one being sold by a pre-owned dealership several states away. I was completely blown away by the ADM fees in this deal, despite my willingness to pay full sticker price. The sales manager refused to budge on the fees, mumbling some poor excuse about "company policy." From one sales professional to another, I found this incredibly surprising and frustrating, especially since they were already making gross. In the end we walked away from the deal.

Have you ever purchased a vehicle from a dealership that wasn't where you worked? How was your experience? Did you feel that being a professional in the business helped with negotiating a good deal?

Drew Bettiol

I had purchased my optima from a Kia dealership and at the time worked for a Ford dealership. They only made about $200 off of the deal on a new car that was marked down $10,000. The only thing that sucked was my ford dealer was super upset I did not buy their product.

Drew, I'm glad everything worked out for you. Sounds like it was too good to pass up on that deal. I have never understood why some dealers get so upset when you don't buy their product. I worked at a VW dealership once, but I'll never buy a VW.

Drew Bettiol

You and me both Sunny. I feel the same way. 

Patrick Halleen

Sunny, sounds like you just need to go to a different dealership.. I purchased a truck from another dealer and it took three stops.. If you're looking for a new car the beautiful thing is, for the most part you can get the same car at any dealership. Working in the industry, you know what you are doing and if you don't like the way one dealer is doing things, move on to the next. 

Patrick Halleen

NVM, just re-read and saw you were looiking at pre owned... sorry

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