Rant: Vendor Emails

Chris K Leslie

I probably get 300-400 emails a day. Most of which are vendors cold emailing me about something. The problem I have is that they always say something like "Just reply and let me know if you dont want my emails anymore" and it pisses me off to no end. I didnt ask you to email me and I shouldnt have to take time out of my day to tell you to stop either. So if you are reading this and youve been emailing me and I havent responded, stop emailing me! Ditto for the phone. 


Thanks, now I will step down off this soapbox

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, it is the worst! Especially when you are kind enough to reply back to the first several hundred calls, emails, & texts that you are not interested at this time! And they still do not take the hint. So they call again. Acting as if you are best buds. When in fact you have never spoken with them?? Or better yet, they offer a service to "fix" or "optimize" your website whipping out examples - who I then check - only to find out they are terrible! So, if you are going to offer how good your product is at least use some decent examples!! Lastly, at least have the decency to include/provide pricing within the email!! 

Mark Rask

"mike drop"

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