Scott Painter resigns from Fair

Bart Wilson

According to Verge, Scott Painter is stepping down as CEO of Fair.  He'll stay on as Chairman.

I think we can all agree that subscriptions factor into the future of automotive.  Who do you think will figure it out first?

Steve Alf

Well... leases and rental cars have been around for decades and exists because the subsidizing of Auto Manufactures in order to sell more cars!

It’s way too big of a venture to ever happen without a deep investment or complete commitment of Manufactures 

Streaming Subscription in music and video couldn't have happened with the collaboration with the creator/owner of the content.

But isn't subscriptions in auto going to be a rebranding and evolution of leasing/car rental?

TMS is experimenting in Hawaii with Hui and attempting to launch a TRAC version for the the main land very soon!

This is for the OEMs to figure out and for dealers to partner and grow! The resources are in place so Let’s Go!!!

The disruptors will help create great ideas the OEMs can thank you VCs for throwing your money away and funding our R&D!

Dealer must be nimble and open to the change of revenue sources coming our way... 



Bart Wilson

Good call Steve.  I know some of the OEMs are dabbling in subscriptions, but the cost to the consumer is such that it still doesn't make sense.


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