Social Media - which platforms do you prefer?

Kristen Tepper

Which platforms do you guys use most often for industry related news/updates/etc? I feel like drivingsales, twitter and google alerts are my main hubs of information but i'm wondering if there's any other facebook groups or forums/boards/preferred facebook groups where people can learn about new industry news?

Also! I'd love to follow everyone on twitter here if you're on there or linkedin!? - I am going to start trying to do more POLLS on twitter and i'd love a bigger audience. Mostly related to questions about retention, engagement, gamification, incentives, service referrals, direct mail campaigns, etc!
Drop your profile links below?

Ell Jay Lindsey

I see the best articles on DrivingSales and Auto Remarketing.

Chris K Leslie

Here's a list of stuff I use

- feedly
- nuzzel
- bing news 
- Twitter

Jason Stum

After Google Reader what shut down many moons ago, I started using Feedly to organize all of my trusted sources for information. It can take a while to get all of your content sources set up, but once it's done you are good to go (of course you can add/remove sources at any time). I log in every morning and am able to quickly and easily find the most relevant and sharable content that's been published.

Kristen Tepper

Idk why but i can't like your guys posts anymore but i like all of this!

Mark Rask

I follow driving sales and automotive news 

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