Sort of OT: Why did AVA become Conversica?

James Altemus
I was just reading a review of the recently released movie "Ex Machina", and one of the protagonists is feminine robot named Ava. Coincidence?
Jason Stum
Interesting theory @James ;) They claim they changed the name because Conversica better reflected the unique capabilities of their software - which may or may not be true. My theory on the name change is they never could crack google page one for the search term Ava. Google it and see what comes up . Rebranding to a totally made up word makes a lot of sense. No competition for your name I'm curious though, a couple of years ago Ava had a lot of buzz around it and we even used it for a short while. Is anyone still using Ava/Conversica?
Aaron Wyse
We're no longer using AVA, but it was valuable at the time.. We still use some of the word tracks that AVA was sending to customers.. But dropped it because we decided our staff was proficient enough that AVA's responses were seeming redundant.
Dave Cannon
I'd say almost a quarter of my clients either use AVA or have tried it. The funny thing is, the sales team usually refers to it by Anne, or Cindy, or whatever name they give the computer.
Tony Taylor
We named ours Sasha.
Jason Stum
@Aaron we did something similar. Ava was valuable as it showed us people would respond to straightforward emails. And then like you, we recognized that our BDC reps could do the same job just as well. Ultimately we used what we had learned from Ava to inform the reconstruction of our entire Internet process. Still curious to know though, is there anyone out there currently using Ava?

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