State sends Final Notice.Advice Needed

rick ortin

Im a fairly new dealer.My car lot was sent 2 certified mails for violations which i did not know of.At this point i dont know who signed for them. A few weeks ago a state inspector popped in to check in on another dealer in our building. He then began focusing on my office first asking where my posted hours were which i showed him. claimed it was not obvious enough. then he asked why my license was not posted. i did not know that was mandatory but told him i have a copy of it in cabinet. So now i get a final notice (luckly they emailed it or else i would have not known about it). In speaking to state, they say i must file for motion, and then they can hear my case. I can use advice at this point. Is it a good idea to go to hearong by myself, or Am i better off getting an attorney? In regards to the state, do they not warn new dealers at first before issuing fines? Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Chris K Leslie

You 100% need an attorney.

Mark Rask

definitely an attorney

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