Staying motivated

What are some of your best practices/advice for staying/keeping yourself motivated day in and day out in the car business?

Chris K Leslie

I have a few things that help me. Being more in operations and marketing mine might be a bit different but I find that as a whole motivation comes from feeling mentally available.

Physical activity in the morning helps to keep me calm throughout the day. Stress leads to depression leads to being lazy...

Write things down. Keeping my mind uncluttered keeps it organized. 

Don't proscratinate. I'm always moving and getting stuff done. 

I Try not to over complicate things.

I Know that everything can be done better

I find creative outlets throughout the day. 


I agree @Chris, one thing that really helps me as well is writing things down, whether it's goals, dreams, to do's, thoughts, quotes, etc. Thanks!

Sean Kelley

1. Count your blessings every day!

2. Remember where you came from! (The more challenging times in your life)

3. Have a purpose, OTHER than money!

4. Try to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone you meet!

5. Control the Controllable's! (Actions, Reactions, Attitude) Never worry about anything else!


@Sean, it has to be about more than just money.. excellent! 

Mike Cartwright

@Sean. Remembering where you came from is the best motivation there is. It reminds you of all the hard work and dedication you've put in to get to where you are. That, for me, keeps me going.

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