Staying Positive when you're New to Sales

Scott Larrabee

Dealer Guy

Nice Scott. It's also about personal commitment and many years ago when I was in Network Marketing a special person told me the best meaning of commitment and to this day, it's like a magnetic true north needle for me. Commitment is doing the thing you said you'd do, long after the spirit you made it in has passed.

Mike Cartwright

I agree, Scott. The sales field is full of challenges. To be successful, sales professionals need to believe in themselves. And optimism can be the force the will allow them to continue. Optimism despite the objections/rejections. Optimism despite some failures.

Tori Zinger

Ah! So true; this business is demanding and competitive, and it can be easy to get sucked into the negativity vacuum. One thing I try to keep in mind: I once read an article that talked about how some people are the ones that set the tone for an interaction, whether good or bad -- they set the energy. And then others are the type that take on the tone/energy of the setter. I try to consciously choose to be the one who sets the tone. So, if someone is really cranky, instead of letting it bother me (this is in theory -- it's not always easy), I challenge myself to see if I can't end the interaction with them smiling.

Scott Larrabee

Tori, that is emotional intelligence at work right there!

Scott Larrabee

DealerGuy, so true I absolutely agree. You have to commit!

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