Alan Edwards
One quote from the Johnson Automotive Badger tidily sums up the stereotype of the self-important car salesman with no time for the client: "Don't talk to me, can't you see I'm on my popcorn break?". While none of us want to be that guy, I think we've all also had moments when the badger in us was scratching and clawing to come out. For me, it's when someone who obviously isn't going to buy a car seems intent on wasting my whole day. We all know that "time is money" is by no means a meangingless cliche, and that if we want to make a living we have to think of our time as a valuable currency that we spend wisely. Sometimes that means we need to get rid of someone in a polite way that frees us up to get on with a productive day, and not everyone's radar is sensitive to subtle hints. Do we let the badger out, or develop a more nuanced approach?

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