Surveys, Reputation, CSI

Chris K Leslie

Are we the only industry that is overly does it with “Reputation” and “Customer Satisfaction” requests? 

Do we really need to survey every customer in email in addition to asking them to leave reviews in addition to asking them to complete a CSI survey. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- right. Why do they need so many surveys?? I guess I get it but you'd think there would be a way to survey across platforms. 

Randi DeSantis

I don't know. As much as I love to hate the surveys and reviews, it doesn't feel that out of the ordinary from every other thing I do. I mean, I get surveys from restaurants, my doctor, my kids school, Amazon, DoorDash... 
I don't feel like any industry is immune. We are a culture that is moving closer and closer to a digital existence over an in person one- and this is the way we communicate now, I guess. As much as we dislike it from our professional perspective, I love it from my personal perspective. I am the type of person who buys a TV or computer, or couch even (all in the last year) - based entirely off of online reviews. For people like me, the demand for more reviews still exists. 

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