The Engagement Gap

Chris K Leslie

Was cruising through this whitepaper this morning and it really got me thinking about how we all spend a lot of time deciphering what we think customers are saying to us through customer journey/experiences. When, in reality, we may be looking at how we deliver experiences completely wrong.. 

Where would you say the journey really begins after reading this? 

New survey data shows that employees and executives have different views about employee engagement and the things organizations do to improve it. This is the result of the Engagement Gap. Employee engagement programs, while well intentioned, often miss the mark. This white paper describes the Engagement Gap, and shares survey results captured by Jostle Corporation in partnership with Brian Solis. The data suggests that effective employee engagement programs focus on turning organizations into more meaningful, congenial, and transparent communities.

You can download the paper here for free


mark rask

The journey is always beginning.....

Chris K Leslie

Isn't that the truth.. 

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