The New Consumer

John Castleberry
The Automotive Industry has gone through many necessary changes over the past 48 months. From bailouts to arbitration to dissolving of dealerships many of the changes have been harsh. One major change that hasn’t been in the headlines is the new consumer mindset. Because of the vast changes it is now more important than ever to connect with your customers on a personal level. You must give them benefits of doing business with your dealership that doesn’t involve price. You also have to let them know how appreciative you are of their business. The easiest way to connect with these “new consumers” is via Social Media. If your dealership is not actively involved in Facebook, Twitter, Etc. you are missing valuable, viable, opportunities at new business. By 2012 more customers will visit social media sites on a daily basis than check their own email. Don’t be left behind.
Phil Cannon
Since I also am a vendor for the automotive industry, I try not to poke at others trying to do the same thing... however, in this case many here have just read Jared's discussion titled "Social Media will NOT fix your dealership" and you post this? IMHO, Its not a bad idea to look at some of the discussions happening on a site before jumping in with your own editorials.
John Castleberry
I understand what Jerrod was saying however we all have opinions and my post was not completely relevant to Jerrods post. We are not saying that social media will save your dealership what we are saying is why would you not be involved in any lead generating marketing possible. If your customers are there why would you not be.
Bart Wilson
@Phil, I can see what John is saying. Some may say, "because we don't have our processes in line we had better not get involved in social media". It will be an excuse that may leave dealerships behind. What Jared and John are both saying is fix it. Make sure your offline presence matches what you want your online presence to say and then jump in!

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