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Trevor Wilson

Hi all,

I wanted to see if I can get your help with something.

I have been looking from the eCommerce perspective to set up a process where a customer can shop completely online and buy a car.  (pick a car, trade evaluation, finance, warranty, accessories, etc).

Ford has had a solution coming down the pike called Ready.Shop.Go for a while.  My issue is that I'm tired of waiting for it.  I want to move ahead in 2019 and add this way of shopping to our process.  I know everyone won't embrace it but a segment of our shoppers will.

I also want to brand it with my Dealership which Ready.Shop.go won't allow.

My question is this. Does anyone know of a vendor who is doing this now? I know I saw a few at Digital Dealer in Vegas. Also, do you have any thoughts on those vendors?

I will be interviewing them after I do over their offers.



PS - I wasn't sure of the best board to put this on, so I put it under Misc.

Bart Wilson


I'm sure you'll hear a lot of opinions shortly, but in the meantime you can check out the Digital Retailing category in Vendor Ratings.  It lists some companies that offer solutions and includes some dealer reviews.

Trevor Wilson

Thank you Bart. :)

Mark Rask

on line shopper and car now are both good solutions 

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