Toyota Ad That Turns Off Your Phone

Jason Stum
Toyota in Sweden is testing radio ads that act as public service messages about the dangers of distracted driving. The clever part of the ad is that it attempts to activate Siri on your iPhone to turn on airplane mode. Check it out... It really is an interesting concept. My question to you is if something like this was to run in the US, do you think people would appreciate it or get mad?
Mark Miller
I think some might appreciate it, but I feel like the majority of people would feel as if it is an intrusion on their personal choices maybe. I for one know how to ignore my phone when I am driving and would certainly not appreciate having a radio ad, that I may not even be paying attention to, adjust any setting on my phone.
Tony Wood
The problem I see with this ad would be for those extenuating circumstances. Someone who has a family member with a medical issue that might need to reach out in emergency situations. Someone with children at home that they need to be able to field a call from. Someone who is waiting on that call from a business professional that they absolutely can not miss. There are numerous situations where this could dramatically impact someone in a negative fashion. Not to mention Mark's point of it being an intrusion. How many people will think, if they accessed that, what else did they access? As a member of the Toyota family, I sincerely hope this does not make it's way to the US or any other Toyota markets.
Lauren Moses
I think it could cause major issues. Like Mark said, it's an intrusion into peoples choices. I think there are far better ways to get the same results but without causing the uproar. Why not push for more hands free commands. Instead of someone being stuck texting back generic replies let them send back what they want. I realize this is possible with some vehicles (like my moms) already, however it's not a standard across all makes and models. Allow consumers to still have access to the use of their phones but only if it's settled into a port, like on a bluetooth speaker for example, and they must use voice commands. This may be alot to ask but it seems like a much better way to work out the problem without having radio ads taking away consumers choices. Besides all that, what is to keep consumers from just leaving "Hey Siri" off?
Michael Bilson
Imagine a self driving car that will transport you for free but only if you watch continuous advertisements from corporate sponsors and respond with feedback on what you feel or think about the product.. Is this the dream of google? A captive audience with real time feedback? How are away are we from this??
Tony Wood
The current self driving vehicles are not like this at all and I sincerely hope it isn't what it transitions into. The current self driving vehicles require monitoring from the human "passenger" and sometimes engagement in certain situations. They're working on making human interaction a non-issue, but I think we're still a ways away from having self driving cars everywhere, and that's what it would take to not have human engagement in the process. Too many people still enjoy driving for this to become a reality imo...but you never know!

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