Videos are Too Long or Too Short??

Dave Martinson
I'm trying to gauge how much time people in this industry are willing to set aside to watch the videos that I've created during the past few months. Would you rather watch a 2-3 minute video news story or a 40 second news headline brief with a link to story with more details? What do you guys think?
Lauren Moses
This is highly dependent on the time I have available when it's posted. If I have more spare time, 2-3 minutes is good. If I don't I'd much rather have the link with a brief overview of what it's about. If all else fails, do a mix.
Daniel Wilkins
My rule of thumb is one minute or under. Anything over that people will tend to pay attention to something else while your video plays in the background.
mark rask
under a minute
Kevin Liles
Need to be under a min with a link maybe!
Sean Welsh
You really need to A/B test and use your YouTube analytics to help decide what's working and what isn't . We just launched our video presence on YouTube and we have already redone videos based on early results and trends of our small library. It will also depend who you are trying to reach and the message you want them to have. Video is no longer the future, it's the now so good luck and keep recording. Thanks Sean

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