Warren Buffett is getting into the auto business.

Shawn Ryder
The billionaire investor announced on Thursday that he's buying Van Tuyl Group, the nation's largest privately held car dealership chain. Does Mr Buffet change the landscape of the Van Tuyl Group in the near future? or the industry for that matter?
Mark Winters
I worked for a company that mr. Buffet purchased. He looks for companies with good leadership that are showing a long track record of consistant growth and profit. His investment allows the companies he buys to acquire and expand beyond there respective markets. I would interpret this as the VanTyl group will be looking to acquire more dealerships across the US. They will also improve there own existing facilities. Buffet holds his companies accountable to a high standard of profit and growth, look for a VanTyl dealership near you
Christopher Murray
The Hathaway Group acquires successful business units, gives them reasonable goals, objectives and limited communication requirements and lets them run! No change or impact will be experienced from this purchase.
Dennis Wagner
He see's an opportunity to get involved in the greatest industry in the world. I don't think he intends to try to change much. He is a brilliant business man. Good luck to all involved!
Shannon Hammons
I'm expecting him along with Bill Gates to finish buying out Autonation next. The time is coming for everyone to either grow, or become a bug on the windshield.
Dennis Wagner
Good point, Shannon! That is so true.

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