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Mitchell Brenner
We are looking to replace all our computers but want to replace them with cutting edge technology that can make them more interactive with our customers and be able to run all our needed software. The owner suggested iPads for everyone but they can not replace computers so are there any dealers out there that are using some innovative technology who could recommend what we could use to replace all our computers. Some of my ideas are touch screens that can easily swivel to involve the customer, dual monitors that allow the customer to see what we're working on etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Mitchell
Eric Gidney, AutoUpLinkUSA PA NJ DE
Mitchell- I love the dual monitors idea. It would keep the customer engaged and the salesperson in control while you are at your desk. I believe it would also be a source of trust for the customer. They would be really comfortable if they could see what you are doing.
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I also like your ideas so far! I would also add that you can implement both your ideas and your owner's. I agree with you that iPads don't replace computers, but they are an awesome tool when it comes to keeping shoppers engaged in the showroom and for other functions such as filling out finance/credit applications. I'm not sure if your dealership has a mobile app, but other dealers are downloading their app to iPads and using them in the showroom and out on the lot to provide a more personal and interactive experience for customers when they visit. This way you can provide that interactive experience in several areas of the dealership. These videos explain a little more on how dealers are utilizing this technology: http://www.automotiontv.com/showroom-feature-on-dealer-app/ http://www.automotiontv.com/integrate-financecredit-application-on-your-dealership-app/ Hope this helps!

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