What Are YOUR Expectations of the Perfect Automotive Vendor?

Larry Schlagheck
JD, I'm going to come at this from a different angle. I work with many of the vendors in this industry as it relates to their advertising and sponsorships with DrivingSales, and also I get an insider's look at the Vendor Ratings which are left on our site. Dealers seem to reference three positives when talking about their vendors: (1) Did the product/solution bring value? (2) Do they enjoy and trust the company's people? (3) Is the company nimble and responsive to their suggestions? Companies that can get the right answers to these questions always seem to win.
James Klaus
JD, I personally really like when I have one person to hold accountable, i.e. an account manager. To many times you deal with 3 or more people and they direct you to get a hold of someone else when you have an issue. When there is a dedicated account rep. it makes life so much easier as I can connect with them and they facilitate getting my issues resolved. It seems so simple yet not many of vendors have this!
JD Rucker
That's a winner, James. I think that a good number of vendors are heading in that direction. Not sure why some are still holding out. Larry, I love it. That third one is a biggie to me. What more does DS have to say?

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