What do you get most out of facebook? Is its value changing?

Jared Hamilton
For me facebook use to be a very personal place where I could connect with friends easily given everyones busy lives. It was especially valuable for those relationships with people whom i didnt see very often. I feel like facebook has slowly changed, not dramatic enough that you see the change happen immediately. More like a lobster put in cold water then the burner goes on... i dont feel it getting warmer, but when I look back at what facebook use to provide, and compare that to what it is today its SO different. I can hardly see or hear my friends messages because there is so much noise from businesses, and even people I dont really even know. Is this how it is for you? Was facebook meant for this? What do you think? How do you get value out of facebook? How would you like to get value out of it?
Eric Miltsch
Interesting post Jared. We all get different value from FB - a lot of that value is driven by our personal needs. And, a lot of the perceived change in FB also comes from our own personal changes. Remember when your Mother made you clean out your closets at the beginning of Summer? Sounds like you need a Summer cleaning. Launch some people, block some content and/or maybe unplug some... One of the funniest thoughts about how SN's apply to us: "Twitter is for the people we want to meet; Facebook is for those we want to forget we met." How do I get value out of it? 2 Simple things: Knowing that someone liked a piece of content I shared. And, liking things on my kids' walls. (It embarrasses them so much)
Lindsey Auguste
Jared do you feel like that because so many more people are on it now so we have to sift through so much to get the content we want? This conversation came up every time they expanded the network to include others. From Harvard students, to college students, to everyone and their mom. Literally. I bet your mom is on it. I know that Facebook has some kind of code that makes it so they show content they think we're interested in, but it's hard to show interest in content we don't see. I wonder if the algorithm was different, if we'd feel the same way. It's much different being on FB as a social media person than how I used to interact with it, where I legitimately went on to see what my friends were up to, not because I felt I needed to catch up with the industry, which is what it feels like now.

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