What do you think of the new DrivingSales community platform?

Jared Hamilton

For the last couple years we have been planning and building a whole new automotive specific social network from the ground up.  We have incorperated a ton of feedback from community members all over the US and Canada (and a few from Europe and South America too actually) and made some huge improvements to the user experience.  Obviously, the biggest take away is the mobile first (YES! FINALLY!  Our experience is solid on mobile!) and the general modernized design.  We also spent a ton of time rethinking vendor ratings - and even still have a few surprises up our sleeves so check that out too.

Id love to hear what you think.  Play around with the new site a bit and tell me what you like the most.  Id also like to hear where we can improve.  Our Dev team runs an agile environment so they do deployments weekly and the improvements will keep flowing.  (over the last year or so improvements to the old platform were sparse since we were doubling down on this build).

There will be some bugs here and there with such a heavy build, so if you find something please report it to feedback@drivingsales.com.

What do you like the most?  Keep the feedback flowing.   Thank you!

Clint Jones

I like the look!  Once I have a little time to find my way around, I will comment again.

Thanks Jared!

Jason Stum

Love the new look on both desktop and mobile. Also a big fan of the enhanced capabilities for posting media within comments, blog posts, etc. 

Question, if we find any bugs as we use the new site, is there a preferred email address we should send them to? 

Thanks for providing us with an updated platform to discuss all things automotive with our peers and colleauges. 

Chris K Leslie

I'm really diggin the mobile editor. Great work everyone!

Shawn Ryder

This is pretty cool!! Great job! Going to check out the mobile as well - how do I get a "Contributor" icon... thanks to all for the great community!!

Christian Salazar

Sick Layout! I love it!

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