What is the best CRM / Desking tool

Keith Hostetter

I would like to know what other dealers are using. Is your Crm able to work with a tablet can you desk a deal for a purchase or lease? Can you use chrome or Microsoft browser why did you decide that was the best CRM for you 



Thanks for any help 

Adam Bucci

Keith,  Check out www.thecrm.com it is an all in one platform that helps connect you with the consumer like never before. CRMSuite gives you the tools to interpret your customers buying intentions, with software solutions designed for every part of your dealership.  Yes, it is browser friendly, and can be used with a tablet or Smart Phone.  You can also Desk Deals for both Finance and Lease on the same screen with multiple terms and down payments.  If that's not enough, you can send video messages via text, chat and email, run email Campaigns, Direct Mail Campaigns, and Equity Mining all from one system.    Phone tracking, built in A.I. to help you know when, how, and why to reach your prospects.  Direct Connect Recording  in your CRM and customer profile.  True Enterprise Reporting, you have three stores, life will be easier  when you have one customer record. 


Randi DeSantis

We use VinSolutions. I went to the NADA Convention last year ready to look at options to switch, but we stayed with Vin. For what we are looking for, they're the best out there. 

Key features I want/need in a CRM: ability to see email open rates, strong campaign tool, and vision online to buyer behavior. I figure outside of these key things- they're all pretty similar. 

Plus- another company would REALLY have to blow Vin away, since switching a CRM tool is NEVER fun.  

Rob M

@Randi You might consider a demo of DriveCentric. I have no dog in that fight - heck, I use VIN every day. But DriveCentric just might fit the bill of blowing VIN away just enough to be worth the pain.

Bart Wilson

I think the best CRM is the one you use. It's amazing how many of our staff don't know how to use it correctly.

Whatever CRM you go with (check out Vendor Ratings for the top-rated CRMs) just make sure you have training in place to make sure it gets utilized.

Larry Battison

theCRM.com is junk.  We tried it when Dominion was selling it.  We quit it after 4 months of agony. We went with DriveCentric.  Seems to be the best out there right now.  

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