What would you do with $50 Billion?

Kristen Stanton
One of the items on the table with the government bailout for the economic crisis is $50 billion for the U.S. auto industry. If the auto industry gets $50 billion from the government, what should they/we do with it?? Do we think, given the track record, they/we'd squander it? Or would they/we put it to good use? What's that good use? I'm biased towards clean tech/environmentally sustainable vehicles - for government vehicles, public transportation, and personal passenger cars. What are your ideas?
Timothy Burns
It is an interesting question. If we do gear it towards newer and cleaner cars how do we disperse the money? I would think if American Manufaacturers would concentrate on a clean / effcient vehicle that is not a concept but a useable vehicle it would be a win / win. We as taxpayers would get a value for our giveaway. We as consumers would get great gas mileage and we as citizens would get a cleaner enviroment. The money should be awarded for technological advances and not just given in hope of some future results. The American manufacturers would have to work together and share the technology developed and also share the reward. I do believe that this would help our car companies and their dealerbase. Food for thought. Timothy Burns

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