What's next for Ford social and Scott Monty now that he has left the company?

Jon Lamb
Ford has always had a solid social media program and were amongst the pioneers of new media as a marketing venue. Scott Monty was a driving force for their social success and has left the company. "This may come as a bit of a shock in some circles, but I've left Ford Motor Company. After nearly six years with the company, I will be pursuing something else - the subject of another announcement that I'll make soon." So, we'll find out what he has next on his agenda soon enough, but what about Ford? Is there anything that will be changing with their social media program now that he's gone? Is there anything that needs to be changed?
mark rask
This will definitely change there social media strategy
Mark Dubis
Scott Monty has left a great "social media" legacy at Ford and I do not see that changing anytime soon. Ford Motor Co. and Ford Direct recognize how important social channels have become and they are actively working to help their dealers navigate those waters. I also believe that Ford recognizes that social media will only get you so far, and that the marketing message, the dealer experience, and the professionalism of sales people and managers in the dealerships are playing a growing role in the overall marketing process. Under Mark Field's direction and the expanding value Ford Direct provides to dealers I see only an improving environment for Ford and their dealers.
Robert Karbaum
Likely he was offered a dump truck full of money to go somewhere else. Possibly Apple/Google, or maybe even MLB/NHL/NBA.
Jason Stum
I don't know Robert, I am looking for a new assistant...perhaps I can land Mr. Monty's services over here? ;) But seriously, I'm curious to find out where he ends up as as well. Scott was kind enough to drop by my website and leave this comment based on an article I wrote about him leaving Ford Social: "Don't haz a sad, Jason. It's going to be just fine. Ford will continue on and I'll have a new role with a well respected company. And lord knows, you'll know where to find me online. :)" http://marketpunch.com/scott-monty-leaves-ford-social-now-i-haz-a-sad/#comment-1399994139 Well respected company? Who could it be?
Robert Karbaum
Pretty rad to have Scott respond on your blog. "Don't haz a sad" is hilarious.

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