What's the best way to sell a new automotive accesory to dealerships?

Jesse Kramer

We want to sell our product CarMoji at dealership gift shops the LA area. We'd also like to offer it as a free giveaway for dealership customers. What are some good strategies we might consider?

Some options we’re pursuing:

  1. Manufacturer’s reps
  2. Regional distributors
  3. Direct sales to location owners

What are the pros and cons of these approaches? And is there anything else we should consider?


mark rask

Interesting ...is there a lot of install time ?

Dealer Guy

Looks like a product I'd find in the automotive sections of department stores, parts stores, online ordering to customer text, and possibly dealerships - in that order. I feel you mind be LIMITING your products availability if you JUST focus on car dealers.

Jesse Kramer

We're not soley focusing on auto dealerships, just one channel 

Install time is only about a minute with no tools required. Here's a video showing how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XlFHF9grNM

Everything is wireless and battery powered, and remote controlled 

mark rask

Definately should go in to stores that are big in to accessories


Dennis Wisco

Have a booth at auto conventions

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