When a Competitor Lies...

Todd Katcher

There are many sales techniques that have been taught, learned and practiced over time. These have been recorded, replayed and rewritten. From the top sales person to the sales rookie, we all learn differently and we all learn from different role models.

LYING is not in any book

When a competitor spends 90% of the presentation lying about other services, instead of highlighting their own assets, you would think that dealers would stand up and notice. 

Unfortunately this hasn't been the case. 

As the Digital Dealership System has increased its products and services, we have found ourselves head-to-head and bid to bid with many competitors. We crush them with our technologies and solutions. And now we hear the lies.

Dealers have told us that our competitors as saying that we can't do what we say, that our company is not able to handle their business and we don't know what we are doing. Amongst other things, flat out lies.

When a competitor lies about you - -what are you to do?

There are several options that we have considered:

  1. Pre-Educate -- advise dealers that if they are comparing us to others, here is what they may say 
  2. Free Trial -- we offer a free trial of almost every service, putting our product first so customers can see for themselves
  3. More Content -- product more video content showing our services
  4. Partner -- partnering with other companies increases the power and process
  5. More Content -- like this article and more coming soon

Personally, I've had the opportunity to speak with many people, including past employees of our competitors that have brought up their practices of bashing everyone else to make themselves look better. It works. They close deals. 

We are flattered that our competitors see us as a growing threat. 
We can't win all the business in the market, but we can ask for a fair playing field where the truth is available and understood.

Leave comment below for how you would handle knowing that your competitor is winning business by lying. I'd be interested in hearing your feedback.

Todd Katcher 
Managing Partner
Digital Dealership System

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