Where should we post press releases?

Jared Hamilton
We make a solid effort to make sure the blogs offer real value to the readers as often dealers just get sales pitches at industry workshops and in traditional trade pubs. Vendors agree to share on non overly promotional, "best practice" related material. Naturally some content is better than others, and sometimes vendors do push the limits. We monitor it and ask that you do too. If there is a post you dont like, feel free to email us or comment on it. How about press releases? I think they provide a good source of industry knowledge. It is important to know what is happening in our industry. I put them in a publishers blog, but didnt clearly mark them as press releases and was rightfully called out by a couple community members. (thanks guys - it was deserved) So - how about a separate blog that houses ONLY press releases. We will publish any and all press releases and will be a level playing field for anyone that wants to have a release published in that blog. I feel good about that sol
Stephen Barrett
agreed I'm always trying to figure out someone's "angle". At least if it's informative......I have to think about it more than if it's blatant. LOL
David Book
Hi Jared, finally got off the diamond tonight. Double header excitement ;-) Firstly, it's doesn't seem inappropriate to do it the way this last one was done. The icon on the post blurb (DS home page) did suggest that it was from the publisher. I think it's more a thought about whether or not DS promotes press release postings. I think press releases are important and for sure they offer "inside information" that may otherwise not be found without browsing tons of other sites. So, how to best do it? Adding a separate blog with Press Releases as the author or something seems perfectly logical. This would ensure that new releases are displayed on the home page timeline. It may also be best to add a link somewhere to "submit press release" since you are receiving so many requests. Probably isn't any good reason to prevent releases from getting posted unless they are obvious spam. DS is becoming a popular place to stay informed and up to date about the goings on in our industry, press releas
Alex Lau
Bingo, PRs shouldn't be published into the blog category. Furthermore, I was just contacted by Mike Jeffs over a post. A post, which showed off some of my projects, yet automotive vendors get full-blown positioning for their products and services. Hypocrisy, anyone? Solution: get the PRs out of the blog category and bury them somewhere.

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