Yelp for Customers

Chris K Leslie


People have no problem leaving reviews for businesses and their experience with us. Is it such a bad idea that businesses should be able to review our experience with a customer? 

Tameem Hourani

Interesting concept.. Would you run into legal issues?

Mark Dubis

I have to ask, to what end would this be a good thing?   Like any business, customers come in all types, good, bad, stupid, ignorant, and rude.  If the customer is spending their money they get to decide how, when, and where they want to spend it.  The dealer/business has to convince them and show a reason why they should spend their money with them.   Dealers certainly have the right to not do business with customers, but they have to position in such a way that they are not attacked on YouTube the next day.  Many sales managers are lacking when it comes to diplomatic skills.  We have to be very cautious in these open social media times.  Tweeting out that a customer was a jerk is probably not good for business.

Chris K Leslie

So why should a business not be allowed to point out the rude, ignorant and stupid people.

Shouldn't a business be able to weed out the customers it doesn't want? 

All i'm saying is that if a customer as a thing can rate a business as a thing. A business should be able to rate a customer at how well they are at being a customer. 

What if tweeting out a customer turned out to be good for business?

We only think its bad because we have grown up in a world where the customer is always right. So we park our lips right up close to bunch of butts and start kissing. 

If I am at say a grocery store and I see a dude acting like a total ass to the people who work there. I honestly feel bad for the people that work there. Why shouldn't they be able to say "Joe Smith totally sucks at being a customer" its not personally attacking him. It's in the same vein as saying "Joe Smith sucks at jumping a pogo-ball" it isn't a lie if it's true.  

mark rask

Chri I have often thought about this....there are certain customers that you just cant please......some will use reviews/social media to hold a dealer hostage ......some make this a reg practice to get stuff!

Gerald Hand

This is indeed an interesting concept as there are a lot of digital BULLIES out there, trying to throw their virtual weight around.  On the same thought, I have noticed on a few of the users who left my stores bad reviews it would seem NO ONE can please them based on their 85-95% negative rating of everyone and evething they come in contact with.  It might get them to stop the B%*#*&Ng  and be constructive and leave suggestions for improvement.

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