Allstate Insurance is Now Selling Cars?!

Manny Luna
Nice Catch! They also have Allstate Insurance offices in Dealerships here in Houston TX It might not be a bad idea Eric. I need 10 new Allstate TrueCar Ins Salesman to start today!
Ken Potter
Yes Eric, TrueCar powers the Auto Buying Program embedded into the Allstate site. This allows customers to connect directly with our dealers from the Allstate site. Some of these customers will have been in a total loss and on average buy a car within two days
Eric Miltsch
Ken - I was hoping you'd chime in! Thank you! What has the feedback been from customers? Any word on the volume the program is generating? While some dealers may shake their head at this at first glance, I have to say this is another prime example of the changing dynamic within our industry that cannot be ignored. Change is going to happen, it needs to be accepted. Buyers have asked, rather demanded, that the car buying process changes for the better.
Carl Bauer
Eric and Ken, I've said this many times before and hope you both agree. What is good for the consumer, needs to be looked at and considered by dealerships. If the trust that Allstate and the other TrueCar partners have can be passed along to the dealerships, it can only help them in the long run.
Paul Schnell
From a TrueCar dealership perspective (and to Carl's point), that trust pass-through is the biggest benefit to the program. It's a misnomer to say Allstate "sells cars" I think. But they definitely are heavily influencing the customer decision. Maybe as much as the selling dealer can.
Dennis Galbraith
Great stuff guys! Dealers should look at these membership-generated opportunities more like referrals than leads. The dealership has been referred to the customer by an organization the customer already does business with or is a member of. If someone in the store is going to handle these the same way they do a blind lead, my view is they should not handle them at all. I've never met a dealer who threw a personal friend out to the sales team like they were just another up. The customer is coming in based on a relationship of trust and should be taken with the height of seriousness and respect. Not all of these membership referral programs are operated the same way, and frankly I've had more opportunity to study Costco Auto Program more than any other over the last 10 years. With the better programs, the cost of obtaining these referrals is more than just financial. There are standards that must be met and rules that must be followed, as it should be. Most members of Allstate, USAA, Costco, Sam's Club, BJs, AAA, and others are never going to use these auto services. My hypothesis is that the ones who do tend to be the members most loyal, trusting, and devoted to that organization. All the anecdotal evidence I've seen over the years tends to line up with this.

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