Another push from Yelp

James Jalali
Here and there, We used to hear from our customers that we don't have good review on Yelp, and we would tell them that Yelp is not the best way to check a business because businesses have to pay them a monthly fee, so their good reviews not to be filtered, and that Yelp is not the only source to check a business, there is Google and yahoo as well. We have been on yahoo local business listing since 2006 and had great amounts of review (positive and negative) that has been accumulated for last 8 years. Few days ago when I was trying to edit our business profile on yahoo find out that there is no profile and no reviews, that it has been completely replaced by Yelp review. After some research I found out that As of March 12, 2014, Yahoo and Yelp started a partnership. I can’t express my level of frustration, and how Yahoo could do such a thing. Few months ago, I have asked yelp to remove our business listing from their site and they said they cant do that, now Yahoo simply remove our local business profile and replace it Yelp review. If you understand my frustration and agree that these companies don’t have the right to do whatever they want with businesses for their own gain, sign this petition.
Christopher Basha
Yelp is definitely frustrating but I think it causes more harm than good to state that if you pay them your good reviews won't be filtered. Unless something has changed in the past few months that I am unaware of then this is just flat out untrue. Truth is both good and bad reviews get filtered regularly and based on an unbiased formula they have devised. I can attest that for our auto group it is not working in our favor and would love a good way to deal with Yelp. Fact is that I do not think the platform is well suited for automotive transactions the way it is supposed to work for reviewing restaurants.
James Jalali
Could you tell me, why a business is listed on yelp withouth owner's consent? And why yelp won't remove it, when business owner asks them to? Every single business in United States is going to be at yelp web site at a point, and they start getting reviews, from who? Who knows. It is simple to destroy a business by having paid people to post negative reviews. Don't take me wrong, I am not saying that yelp does such a thing, what I am trying to say is that there is no accountability behind such a system, so the end result is destructive. This system is flawed. I truly believe that Yelp doesn't care about consumer nor business, yelp's only concern is to make money withouth having any responsibility. As I mentioned in the last post, they have all businesses on their site without owners consent, and they won't remove it. But a partnership with yahoo causes years of reviews on yahoo be replaced by yelp overnight. As far as their filtering algorithm, it is a loose system than can be revised based on their business preference, in a very complicated manner. I have monitored that on many cases.
Christopher Basha
No I can't answer that for you except that it is public information no different than the other 1000's of websites that do this or even your local phone book. I don't know if it's right or wrong but that's the way it is and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I think Yelp is extremely customer oriented which sometimes can harm the customer when they are shown information that is too skewed in a certain way, again this is their business model and I don't think any amount of complaining will change or alter that fact. If you have proof that their filtering algorithm is revised based on their business preference I think you should file a lawsuit with whatever evidence you have because that would definitely seem to me as something against the rules. Up until this point though I know several people have tried and there has been no evidence of this and it is just speculation. There are a number of negative reviews stuck in our filter box (along with many more 5 stars) and we don't do any advertising with Yelp. I wish you were right but I have come to accept that it's just not the way the system is being handled.
James Jalali
The answer to why yahoo's business review is replaced by Yelp's review; is "profit", this is the only reason. Yahoo and yelp didn't start a partnership to help consumers and businesses, absolutely not, they did it to catch up with rest of big players and expand their market share. This is a 100% profit based business and they should not be able to affect businesses in such a dramatic way without responsibility. Compare these with BBB for example. It is all about accountability.
Robert Karbaum
The further I dive into Yelp, I find that it isn't as horrible as most dealers think. From all of my research, for every 5 star review removed a 1 star review is also hidden. The figures so far (rough; without getting into too many details) of all the "hidden" dealer reviews I'm studied 47% are 5 star reviews, and 45% are 1 star. only 8% are between 2-4 stars. So it does significantly assist in removing a lot of the bad "1 star" reviews.

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