Are these sales numbers accurate? Potential Income...

Brian Millman

Just getting started in new car sales. I like in Los Angeles, CA. 

My girlfriend's brother works for the Subaru dealership here selling new cars. He had no car sales experience in the past, and has been selling for 4 years. She claims he is one of their top salesmen and sells 15-20 cars per month. Subaru claims they are "not commission based" so I assume he gets a flat $ amount per sale. She went on and no about how much $ he is making. Is it even possible for a newbie in the biz to sell that many cars a month? She said it's because Subaru has such a loyal following. How much $ is he making on flat rate with those numbers?

She showed me a photo of him before he started selling cars... thick dark hair, great physical shape. Now the guy looks overweight, aged 20 years, grey thin hair. She also said he leaves the house 9am comes home 9pm 6 days a week and is so exhausted he just crashed in bed when he gets home.

Chris K Leslie

It’s possible for anyone to do that kind of volume. It takes a bit of dedication and hard work. Sounds like the person could use a bit of Diet and excersize 

Mark Rask

That is certainly doable 

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