Auto dealers in Ohio seek to stop Tesla’s way of direct selling

Aileen Crass
I think they are going to need to compromise. Not eliminate the franchise, just make the franchise the boutique model. This is clearly the future of the industry. It eliminates so much cost with just in time production.
Efty Emel
If Tesla represents everything evil in the world, with horrible customer service and high prices and extremely limited offerings, then why are consumers buying from that company, when clearly the time-tested, age-old dealer franchise network, with its clear benefits of consumer choice, lower prices, consumer safety, etc., make so much abundant sense? Why would consumers do the wrong thing and buy Teslas? And why are so many buying and ordering Teslas (the new SUV Model X is sold out through 2016, and it hasn't even shipped yet).I'm still unclear what is scaring the industry so much that they have to lean on the legislatures to keep Tesla out of the game. What about a free market?

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