Buick Encores Stink

Lauren Moses
Ok, So I know that the title sounds really bad. But, has anyone had an issue with new Buick Encores having a really bad smell to them, especially after rain when the water is held in the doors and then pours out the drain holes?
Megan Barto
Sounds like there's an issue with water getting in when it's raining -- and then sitting in the car... kinda like a Pond...Pond?? Where's Ed?
Lauren Moses
Yeah well in all honesty we researched it a little bit and it seems that the leather is not your typical leather. It comes out of Asia or china, can't remember which one, anyways...they cure it with urine. Now how true it is we don't know. We finally found something to put in the carpet that you vacuum out and it has seemed to help some. But everytime that it rains we have to move them and open the doors to allow the water to drain from the drain holes in the bottom of the doors.
mark rask
Sounds like a definite problem
Robert Karbaum
Poor Buick. Can't catch a break. :P
Grant Gooley
Never heard that before. When I was with a GM store, we sold a ton and always had great feedback.

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