Buyers are Liars?

Chris K Leslie

I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “Buyers are Liars” before. I’m curious where this idea began and if you think it’s still true. Do you have examples of this in real life? 

Ricky Patrick

Yes, i believe it's generally true. Because of the high pressure tactics car salesmen used to use, customers started saying anything they can think of to get out of the dealership. So, when a greenpea comes to a sales manager and says "The customer says they can get it for $5k less down the road" or "They are going to get a burger and come right back" the sales manager will yell at them that "buyers are liars". I think it just catches new sales consultants off-guard that they can't always believe what a customer tells them.

Nick Shotts

I usually lie to the dealership when I buy cars. If they're trying to get as much of my money as they can - many times through lying and misrepresentation (not all dealers of course) - why shouldn't I? 

Nick Shotts

Flame suit on.

Derrick Woolfson

I think in part Chris, we created the issue by previously not explaining things to the customer and not being the infamous word "transparent." Now that customers have access to a lot of information - whether good, bad or indifferent - I offer they are trying to get the best deal. Even to this day, many dealers do not offer realistic pricing online by adding multiple incentives to a vehicle that the customer is otherwise not eligible for - for example, dealers who add dealer loyalty cash/first-time buyer cash. Offering that the customer can save as much as "X" off of the vehicle. When in all actuality, they cannot. 

Mark Rask

I think the industry created this years ago 

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