Call For Price

Morgan Hardy

I've noticed lately a lot of dealers with a majority of "call for price" listings on their websites. Mostly on new inventory. Any thoughts on why?

Rob M

They time traveled back to 1993?

Derrick Woolfson

One has to wonder if they are trying to play the "hold gross" game.  This almost never works, and is an age old "idea" that old school GM's & Sales Managers love using until it doesn't work....

Marc Lavoie

This technique should be applied to select inventory and not all inventory. You have to be careful when using "CFP" CTAs because it kills conversion 99% of the time as it is not used in the right way by most car dealers.

Bart Wilson

I know new car incentives can make it difficult to list pricing on new vehicles. How do you list your prices? Do you include all incentives?

john fontanini

I guess it depends where you are advertising. I never post prices on CL, I prefer to make the phone ring. Generic cars  AKA "race to the lowest price cars" well, put a price and hope you make backend .I feel the rest should have a price, Transparency is GOLDEN 

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