Kristin Haynes
Is anyone else experiencing a rate increase from I am told that this is a national roll out with increased pricing but cant find anything about the new program or if this is really a national increase or just a "special one" for me. thanks!
Jim Bell did just come out with new rates the beginning of this month. If you are already in a contract, I don't think they can force you into another one. You may want to check the contract that you are in.
Michele David
Kristin our increase went up 70% so no, its not a 'special one' just for you. It was effective for us Feb 1. Interesting thought though..many dealers I am sure go by the theory that you have to be in and autotrader but unfortunately depending on the buy in at the dealer level, thats not always an option. So I said bye bye to and went back to autotrader since I dont have the budget for both. It'd be interesting to know of anyone faced with similar concerns, and if you've had to ever chose between the two, or had the luxury of always being ablet to have both..
Bryan Armstrong
I had both but canceled AT. Believe it or not they were one of my best NEW Car lead providers after I began taking actual photos of my inventory. I tried the New Leads Plus program and believe it to be a WASTE of money. But that's just my Market (Utah) it could be different elsewhere. BA

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