Closing the sale when everyone is equal

Bart Wilson

It's difficult to compete with other dealerships when price is the only differentiator, especially when margins are so thin.  How do you sell against the store down the street when you are comparable on price?  What techniques do you use to close the deal?

Bryant Gibby

This is a great question Bart... I'm curious to see what kind of feedback comes in.

The 2 stores that I worked at did a very good job creating extra value that differentiated our cars from our competitors. Here are a few things that worked for us...

Non-commission sales people (we called them product specialists), 3 day money back guarantee, 5 day exchange policy, a very thorough inspection w/ supporting documentation, AutoCheck/Carfax report in vehicle, pricing/incentives clearly marked on each vehicle, highly reconditioned vehicles.

All of this stuff was a lot of work but it helps tell the story of each vehicle and provide peace of mind for the guest. Well worth it :)

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

I believe many dealerships have true differentiator factors.

But sometimes they don't communicate them well enough for customers to truly understand why they should buy today and what advantages they'll get down the run.

Bart Wilson

@Mark, I'll second that.  You MUST have these differentiators, but if you don't communicate them with customers, they don't work.....


Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Yeah, and for the record, free WiFi and free coffee are NOT differentiators. :D

Mark Rask

it has to be customer experience 

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