Closing the sale when everyone is equal

Bart Wilson

It's difficult to compete with other dealerships when price is the only differentiator, especially when margins are so thin.  How do you sell against the store down the street when you are comparable on price?  What techniques do you use to close the deal?

Bart Wilson

How can you communicate CX as a differentiator?  I agree with you Mark, but we need to be able to communicate tangible benefits.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Exactly Bart.

The number #1 error I see dealers make online pushing their differentiators is going for the feature vs the benefit. This is huge, in any business.

We tend to focus on the "We have 200 cars in our showroom" vs. "shop in a comfortable environment, where you can take your time to sit in every single car you want"

This in-depth article from Wordstream illustrates the difference quite well, it's not about the car business though.

Bart Wilson

@Marc, thanks for sharing this link.  I couldn't agree more with you.  It's not about the features.  In addition, we need to take time to articulate these benefits in our marketing as well as in our sales process.  Sales reps need to be able to communicate these benefits to customers 100% of the time.

Victoria Dillabough

We always market our people and the fact that we are non-commission based! 

Kennedy Powers

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