Coaching salespeople

Bart Wilson

When I did 1 on 1s in the dealership, there was always a struggle to find out why someone isn't performing or achieving their goals.  What questions do you ask salespeople to identify the root cause of an issue?

Derrick Woolfson

I look at the sales process, i.e. at what point does the customer disengage. This is only effective, however, if the sales managers are diligent in marking which steps s/he has completed. For example, if after the trade-in numbers are presented and the customer does not want to move forward, I would ask/inquire how they presented the numbers. But more importantly, at which point during the sales process was the trade presented. If the customer loves the vehicle, then the chances of their purchasing the vehicle increases. 

Bart Wilson


That's always been a pain point for me.  If the data isn't logged properly, it's extremely difficult to diagnose.

Mark Rask

You certainly have to look at the whole picture 

Bryant Gibby

Good point Derek! I managed in a very similar way.

We used "guest trek cards" at the stores that I ran. Every guest (first time and be-back) and every lead (phone and internet) required a card to be turned in. We tracked all cards for the month in a monthly guest trek log. This gave us some really good insight on where our team was struggling or winning. To Derek's point, we could easily identify where there was a disconnect in the sales, phone, or internet process.

From there, I strongly recommend doing a monthly 1 on 1 with a scorecard so you can track performance and hold them accountable. It's the only way to manage a sales rep in my opinion!

Mark Rask

we are doing a lot more one on one coaching 

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