Color me this.

Chris Halsey
Recently there was an ad on the DrivingSales site that sourced that the color of the car was the first consideration for car buyers over price and value. What car colors are big sellers at your dealerships?
Robert Karbaum
White, white, white, white. More white. Always white.
Chris Halsey
Really? Why is white such a big draw, Robert?
Robert Karbaum
White is was the most popular vehicle colour in 2013 (source: Additionally in our area, we have a very large population of people of East Asian decent. White statistically is their #1 choice in vehicle colour based on the last 40 years of statistical data we have. So our average of white vehicles is staggeringly high.
Chris Halsey
Great information Robert. Thanks for sharing. Is everyone else experiencing that same trend or are there other colors out there getting love from the buyers?
Chris, I'm one of the authors of the 2014 Internet Shopping Experience Study (available at ) and you are correct, the first thing shoppers look for when they select a vehicle is the color. As a matter of fact I just purchased 2 vehicles last month (to replace to end of lease vehicles) and my wife was dead set on having a White one. I went with black since it looks great, but our dealer was selling white like crazy - very popular color. James

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