Cost of staffed events?

Alice Jacobson

Do you have any idea of how much it would cost to hire an outside team for a staffed event? If so, please enlighten me. Thanks! 


Most are 3-6k a day depending on the firm. Some also work on units sold and some work on gross. It blows my mind when a dealership invests northing in training and spends 10k-20k  for a 3 day weekend event to have outsiders sell cars for them. Why not train your own staff for a fraction of that? 

mark rask

at least 3k a day.....that does not work anymore

Chris K Leslie

Jonathan Dawson

I recently participated in the first of it's kind, "Learn & Earn" training + sales event. 

The objective was to drive traffic and then bring in trainers instead of competitors to your sales team. 

The traffci was weaker than we wanted but the UP-SIDE was that there was no downtime becasue we were training when we weren't selling. 


The cost of bringing in a "traditional staffed event" team is not just measured in revenue spent to drive the traffic, or in the additonal cost added to pay out the commissions, but also in the suffering of the morale of your team by having to compete with outsiders who don't care about them or your customers or community.


Eric Beaudoin

I've been at my current dealer for 4 months now and recently experienced my first staffed event. I wasn't a fan for the reasons Jonathon Dawson mentioned above. Hired hands will burn your customers and don't care about the reputation of your dealer. Just my $0.02 Spend your money elsewhere.

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