COVID-19 Sales Process Changes?

Bart Wilson

How has your sales process changed due to social distancing?  Have you changed some of your process steps?

Chris K Leslie

oh yeah, we ake sure everyone in the showroom is wearing masks. Sales people dont go on test drives anymore. etc. 

Morgan Hardy

We are also requiring that everyone wear masks. We provide them to the customers if they do not have them. Only 3 people can be in the managers' office at a time now.

Aimee Rogers

We are not requiring everyone to wear masks (many of them wear them anyway), but cleaning like crazy.  Everyone has boxes of gloves, cleaners, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.  Every car gets disinfected before and after test drives, the customer's trade gets the same treatment.  We are social distancing,  customers going on solo test drives, we are doing at home test drives as well. New, clean pens the customer takes with them. Desk and chairs get cleaned between customers and typical touchpoints - doors, bathrooms, etc are getting cleaned multiple times a day as well.  Increased video communication with customers prior to them coming in or us bringing the vehicle to them.       

Bart Wilson

@Aimee, looks like a thorough list. I didn't think about the pens. It's a little thing that really matters.

What are you communicating to customers? What to expect?

Aimee Rogers

I forgot to say we are also taking everyone's temps before work each day as well.  

Just that we are trying to help them have the best & safest experience possible.  We ask that they call, text, message, or email us before they come in, so we can have the vehicle they are interested in, cleaned and sanitized before they arrive.  We let them know that they can go on solo test drives to maintain social distancing and that we would be happy to show them anything they want to see via video before they arrive.  

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