COVID meet and greet

Bart Wilson

How do you meet and greet customers today? When customers are on your lot, how has the way you approach them changed since COVID-19? 

Tim Scoutelas

This is a great question @Bart.  I was in multiple dealerships for the first time last week for the first time since early March and clearly things have changed at the store.  I recommend dealers take a long hard look at this question and develop a process.  Consider looking at places like Costco and Whole Foods for some inspiration.  Customers want to feel safe when they walk in.  I know I did....  

Morgan Hardy

@Bart- this is a very good question. I feel that the feedback is good from the salespeople that I work closely with and they do not approach customers like they used to but still sit outside and try to talk to everyone that comes on the lot

Morgan Hardy

@Tim- what did those dealers do that you didn't think highly of?

Jason Volny

I take it the handshake is out of the question? People have always cared about their personal space. We trained our salespeople to approach every customer with that in mind. I think @Tim is right, dealerships must take a stance and be clear about their expectation to protect their customers and their employees. I visited a friend at a dealership and there was too much uncertainty in every department about the policy.  

Chris K Leslie

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